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iPod repairs usually involve an exchange of the entire unit and so you should ensure your data (songs, media etc) is fully backed up before service. iTunes normally handles this for you if you sync, or you can back up to iCloud. It is also important to turn off Find My iPod before service.

Apple Authorised Service Provider
We are an Apple Authorised Premium Service Provider with highly qualified and experienced technicians to troubleshoot and resolve your issue with your Apple Mac. All work retain the Apple warranty except for out-of-warranty repairs. You should never allow unauthorised repairers to fix your Apple product as they use non-genuine parts and may further damage the device. Apple does not support products which have had previous non-authorised repairs.

Quick Turnaround for Replacements
Simply book in your iPod, iPad or any other Apple accessories (AirPort, Time Capsule, Magic Mouse, Power Adaptors, etc.) and we can order a replacement which would take between 1-2 business days.

No Reservations Required.
Simply bring your faulty or damaged iPod/iPad to our service centre without any reservations required.

What should I do before I come in?
If the Apple device (ie. Keyboard or Mouse, Adaptor) came with a Mac computer, please bring along the serial number of that Apple device to claim the warranty.

Apple In Warranty
Warranty void if Apple product has accidental damage.

Out of Warranty Price List
Apple TV

All replacement iPads/iPods come with a 90 day warranty. All prices quoted inclusive of VAT.

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